Brooklyn New Store: Mannings 8th Ave Pharmacy. It is located at 64-02 8th Ave, G103, Brooklyn, NY 11220. Questions? Call us at 718-238-3850.


2005 NY Mannings Scholarship Winners: (1) Carrie Kam (2) Hai Xi Li (3) Rebecca Chan.

About Us
Confucius Pharmacy Inc, is a pharmacy and surgical supplies company located in Manhattan, New York City. We have been serving the New York metropolitan area for over 25 years, with delivery service of our durable medical equipment and surgical supplies to the 5 boroughs.
We have an extensive inventory of pharmaceuticals and home health care products.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff of 90 include licensed pharmacists, diabetic educators, certified orthopedic and mastectomy fitters, delivery and service technicians and insurance experts. We take great pride in providing excellent SERVICE and CARE to our customers. We are in contact  with the area physicians on a regular basis, providing them with the latest product information and billing issues.
Our mission is to provide the finest product and the best service. Our motto is PROFESSIONAL SERVICE WITH A SMILE.






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