COVID-19 Vaccine


We're offering:

Who can get this Vaccines?

18 years of age and older

How many shots?

2-dose series separated by 1 month (28 days) shots

When are you fully vaccinated?

2 weeks after you second shot

** We currently only offer 3rd dose for Moderna

Who can get this Vaccines?

18 years of age and older

How many shots?

1 shots

When are your fully Vaccinated?

2 weeks after your shot

Frequently Asked Questions

Moderna: When we receive your completed forms, you will be placed on our waitlist. We will reach out shortly to schedule an appointment.


Johnson & Johnson: Complete the forms and contact our pharmacist at Brooklyn or Manhattan locations to check availability.

Brooklyn Pharmacy: (718) 238 – 3850

Manhattan Pharmacy: (212) 941 – 6480


Any unused Moderna does must be discarded 12 hours when first punctured. We coordinate patient vaccinations accordingly to minimize discarded doses.


Johnson & Johnson’s storage requirements allow us to administer patients as they come in.


However, please call in to ensure the vaccine is in stock.

It is covered under most major insurance plans. Uninsured patients are covered under HRSA’s COVID-19 Uninsured Program.

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Vaccination For Large Groups

Interest in setting up regular vaccine for your team?
Please email us at to coordinate for your groups.

Jun 2021