Confucius Pharmacy is a  CLIA-Certified Lab Partner


We are currently offering two forms of COVID-19 testing.


We're offering:

Rapid Test

This test will detect if you are actively infected with the
COVID-19 virus.

PCR Test

This test will detect if you are actively infected with the COVID-19 virus.



Frequently Asked Questions

PCR Test: It’s covered under most major insurances plans. Uninsured patients with US Citizenship are covered under HRSA. Foreign travelers are not covered – the lab will charge $100 upon registration.


Rapid Test: It will cost $75. Unfortunately, it is not covered by insurance.

PCR Test: Results are sent by email or SMS to the telephone number on file directly from the lab within 48 hours.


Rapid Test: Results are ready in 10-15 minutes on the spot.

The nasal swab specimen is carefully collected by our trained pharmacist and prepared for the laboratory to be picked up for testing.

Most major countries accept our COVID-19 RT-PCR test that detects for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid detection. The results are reported in a format acceptable to most airlines and destination countries allowing you to travel with ease. Nonetheless, we recommend checking the testing requirements of your destination country as regulations are rapidly changing.

We highly recommend making an appointment. However, we understand there are time constraints due to travel restrictions, therefore you are welcomed to call one of our testing locations to inquire about any cancellations or openings.


Manhattan: 13-17 Elizabeth St# 118 @ 212-941-6480


Brooklyn: 6204 8th Ave G103 @ 718-238-3850



Testing For Small Business Groups

Interest in setting up regular testing for your team?
Please email us at to coordinate for large groups.

Jun 2021