Financial Assistance

Specialty drugs can be a financial burden. At Mannings Pharmacy, we work with your provider and insurance company to explore all options to help offset, or in some cases, eliminate the financial cost to patients.

After we working with your primary insurance provider, we can help investigate other secondary health insurance programs, non-profit compassionate foundations, and manufacturer patient access and co-pay assistance programs to reduce or in some cases, eliminate costs.

We look forward to a forging a new relationship as these programs will require a collaborative approach between the patient, the pharmacist, and your provider to navigate the process.

1) Check eligibility through EPIC state program application & information

2) Foundations

3) 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations Patient Assistance Programs

4) Manufacturer co-pay assistance cards and coupons that can cover most and some cases all of the cost of a prescription.

Note: These are limited to commercial insurance & NOT Medicare, Medicaid or other government-funded programs.

Our friendly pharmacists and trained staff can assist you with any questions and will inform you when our system finds a match for your situation. We offer fee-for-services including but not limited to Benefits Investigations, Patient Assistance Program Enrollments, Co-Pay Investigation.