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We have spent years as an accredited company to get the process done right. We are looking to expand our expertise into specialty care. We understand the patients receiving these medications require more compassion and focus to ensure a positive outcome at the end of the journey.

Specialty drugs are unlike other traditional prescription medications. Only 1% of the patient population uses a specialty medication, but when he or she does, we understand and assist with financial and co-pay assistance, securing access to medication, and initial the prior approval process.

Please be reassured that even if there are limitations (often your insurance or the manufacturer may designated facilities assigned to your specialty needs)- we will hold your hand until we are confident that you, your loved ones, or your patient is taken care of.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our pharmacists dedicated to your Specialty Medication needs at specialty@nymannings.com. We encourage you to browse our website for our portfolio of specialty medication, an introduction to the referral process, and other resources.


Step 1

Submit a new patient referral with one of our provided Referral Forms.


Step 2

We will help collect necessary documentation a begin the approval process through CoverMyMeds, e-PA, or secure fax.


Step 3

Mannings 8th Ave Pharmacy will contact your patient or office to set up delivery.


Step 4

Patients receive updates on order and shipment status through phone or email.


Step 5

Get notification on patient refills and prior authorization requests by calling Accredo or emailing us at specialty@nymannings.com.