Surgical Supplies FAQ

How can I apply for durable medical equipment such as cane through my insurance?
Please consult with doctor to see if he/she suggests or advises you to use it regarding your condition. If yes, doctor needs to generate a prescription for that specific DME item in order to process through the insurance.

Are all durable medical equipment covered by insurance?
Coverage depends on insurance policy, frequency and limitations.

How can I submit the prescription?
There are several ways you can submit the prescription:

  • You can have doctor e-script to ConfuciusPharmacy, Inc.
  • Fax the prescription to 646-736-5423
  • Email to
  • Drop the prescription to one of our store locations.

Once I submit the prescription and other necessary information, what will be the next step?
Our staff will contact you to acknowledge the receipt of the information if you submit the prescription by fax, email or electronically. Then, we will verify your insurance’s eligibility and proceed to obtain authorization from your insurance.

How long does insurance take to approve the DME?
Approving time varies, from days to weeks. However, average approval time is about three weeks. Once insurance approved the item, we will contact you to pick up the item or we can free delivery to your home.

What kind of information must be on the prescription?
The prescription must have the item name, order date, unit, relevant diagnosis or diagnosis code and length of need (duration of time).

Example: Commode x 1 unit, date:09/28/2018, diagnosis code: R39.81, Length of need: life time

What insurance do you accept?
We accept most insurances. Please refer to our insurance contract list for more detail information.

What other information do I need to provide when I submit the prescription?
Please remember to provide your insurance and contact information.

Can I pick up the DME item once I provide the prescription?
You might not be able to pick up the item on the same day the prescription sent to us. Most DME items required approval from insurance company.

How can I check on the status of my order?
You can call 212-227-1119 to check on the status.